DuduFlix Third-Party Service Addendum

This Third-Party Service Addendum is a part of DuduFlix Terms of Service and governs your use of third-party services (“Third-Party Services”) that you choose to use in connection with our services (for the purpose of this Addendum, the “DuduFlix Services”). Third-Party Services may include third-party platforms (such as the Apple App Store and Google Play), third-party APIs, third-party logins, and other integrations of third-party services within DuduFlix Services (e.g., email service providers, payment providers, analytics providers, etc.).

  1. General
    We may disallow you from using or connecting your DuduFlix account to any Third-Party Service based upon a violation of our Terms of Service. We may disallow you from connecting your DuduFlix account to any unauthorized Third-Party Service for any reason. 
  2. Third-Party Agreements
    Your use of Third-Party Services is governed by the terms of service agreements of the respective service providers. You are solely responsible for your own compliance with these agreements. Failure to comply may result in the termination of your account with a Third-Party Service provider and inability to use a particular feature we offer.
  3. Privacy
    By using a Third-Party Service, you agree that your personal information may be collected by the applicable service provider. Such information is governed by the service provider’s privacy policy, not DuduFlix policy.
  4. Functionality
    Certain features that we provide only work when you connect certain Third-Party Services. Your failure to do so may result in limited or unavailable functionality. We will not be responsible for any feature unavailability that arises from your inability to maintain an account with a Third-Party Service.
  5. Customer Support
    DuduFlix is not responsible for providing customer service with respect to Third-Party Services.
  6. No Representations or Warranties
    DuduFlix is not responsible for actions or omissions by Third-Party Service providers and makes no representations or warranties about those services. Vimeo does not guarantee that it will maintain any specific integration with any Third-Party Service and it reserves the right to modify integrations, discontinue integrations, swap providers, or provide the same service by itself.
  7. Specific Third Parties
    7.1 Apple

    With respect to our Apps for iOS or tvOS only, Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) shall be deemed an intended third party beneficiary of the terms of our terms of service that apply to our Apple Apps vis-a-vis you. In addition, and without creating any obligation, DuduFlix, not Apple, shall be responsible for fulfilling any obligations relating to the operation of our Apple Apps except for any obligations arising from Apple’s contracts with you.
    7.2 YouTube
    If you use the YouTube API, you agree to be bound by YouTube’s Terms of Service, available at https://youtube.com/t/terms, and Google’s Privacy Policy, located at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy. If you have connected your YouTube account to your DuduFlix account via the YouTube API, you may revoke access to your data via the Google security settings page, located at https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions.

By submitting your content (video) on DuduFlix , YOU UNRESEARVEDLY ACKNOWLAGE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ALL THE INFORMATION disclosed in this Third-Party Service Addendum.