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Video submission can be Feature film, Short film, Web series, TV drama. Contact us through email if you want to submit multiple videos:

⦁ We will host your video on DuduFlix for three (3) years – beginning from the day you upload the video.

⦁ For every video sale, ONE OF OUR payment processor (PayPal or STRIPE) will take their processing fees, we will take a 10% commission, YOU will take all the remaining funds.

⦁ You will take 40% of any advert placement money. If you accept advert placement, the advert must be placed inside your film- at the beginning of your film.

⦁ Producers may contact you through DuduFlix in order to pay you and include their name on your film as an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER.

⦁ Your share of the video sale will be sent to you through PayPal – at the end of every month end. See our TERMS OF SERVICE or FAQ section for more information